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Artcraft has recently released a new Max for Live glitch-sequencer plugin called Glotch. The simple but useful plugin, is equipped with four different glitch functions, a standard high and low pass filter, a resolution knob, and a smooth knob, which all come together as a handy glitch-sequencer.

The plugin is arranged in a grid with 32 beats, (eight bars,) that you can alter and assign to individual beats. You are able to shorten the loop of the glitch down to a single beat. Each bar is also equipped with a power and value parameter which effect how much of an effect the glitch parameters have over your sound.

Glotch has a delay, reverb, and reverse effect, which are the most standard of the parameters. The most interesting would be the cyclo effect which is where the true glitch sound comes through. A randomization button is set next to your parameters which randomizes the frequency of the effects activation throughout all 32 bars.


You are able to store glitch patterns with the store button. By playing around with Glotch for a bit it is realized that making patterns, as you would with a drum beat, works best with getting a coherent glitch pattern.

The Glotch is well worth a look if you are interested in spicing up your sound with a glitchy sound. Download here for free.

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