HALion 6 is an Epic Synthesizer and Sampler


The latest generation of HALion, HALion 6, brings users ground-breaking new tools and instruments perfect for the modern producer, composer, and sound designer. The plug-in ushers in the next generation of wavetable synthesis, provides full interface customization with its Macro Page Designer, and has advanced live-sampling capability. Users will also be happy to know HALion 6 works with a soft e-licensor, so the USB e-licensor key is no longer a must to work with the plug-in. A new AAX plug-in format was also added to the program so Pro Tools is now compatible. HALion 6 still supports all VST 3, VST 2, and AU host applications.


Early reviews of the instruments have people very impressed with the sound detail and quality, as well as with the broad scope of sounds HALion 6 has covered with that high quality. For pianos, Steinberg has introduced The Raven and The Eagle. Both provide harmonic richness and brilliant sound. The Raven provides nuance difficult to find in software instruments. The brass sample library, Hot Brass, has a variety of fat, tight, and authentic sounds perfect for contemporary pop, funk, reggae, and soul. If you need quality string sounds HALion 6 has multiple instruments with multiple articulations and can be used with the built-in arpeggiator and modulation matrix. Hot Brass has the arpeggiator and modulation matrix capability as well, creating user-friendly and fast workflow to get your ideas down while you are still inspired. Two synth instruments, Anima and Skylab, are included as well. Anima features two wavetable oscillators and cutting-edge synth sounds. This is a powerful synth. Skylab covers the more ethereal, pad sounds combining granular synthesis with a vast sample library. Skylab also creates sounds perfect for a cinematic score.


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Creating your own sounds from scratch is a daunting task for most of us, but with the Macro Page Designer HALion has created an intuitive layout with simple mapping functions. Users who were skeptical at first have said they now love diving in and creating their own sounds. Just by clicking and dragging a wave type or sound into the macro page and placing a few basic controls into the page, users are on their way to being their own instrument and content creators. Ready-made control knobs are also available which can be helpful if users do not want to create everything from scratch. What’s also really cool about creating your own instruments with HALion 6 is users can make them available for purchase to all HALion users.



Live sampling with the brand new live sampling engine allows for easy recording right into the program’s sampler. With the “Audio Threshold” recording option users don’t even have to manually press record and stop. Just play your instrument or sound, HALion 6 will record when the audio threshold is passed and stop when the sound then dips back down below the threshold. Cutting and manipulating samples is now easier than ever with threshold, sensitivity, and minimum length transient parameters and the ability map sections of the sample to different keys on the keyboard.


HALion 6 has so much functionality we couldn’t possibly cover it all, but it is absolutely a powerful creative tool with a variety of uses. We encourage you to check out more on Steinberg’s website HERE.

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