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One of the more difficult parts about learning music theory is application. Its difficult to know how to apply theory without hearing what works. Hooktheory is a song writing website that teaches you how to write music by showing you what components go together by applying the ideas to popular music. The idea is to get you familiar with what sounds good and why they sound good together.

Hooktheory is divided into three parts: songwriting, music editing, and music analysis. In the songwriting series, you are taught the basics of theory, through listening to popular songs, so that you are able to get a quick, intuitive, introduction to musical structure. In the music editor you are allowed to write melodies and chord progressions, using numbers, which represent different musical intervals.

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Finally in the song analyses, you are able to choose from a vast library of songs, and see how they are structured, and what musical components are being applied. You can also upload a song from youtube and input the theory behind the music, so the library of songs is always growing, and your choices are very open.

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Hooktheory is great for anyone who is trying to step into writing music, with little, to no, knowledge of music theory. It’s quick and easy approach is made to be extremely intuitive, and its popular song application is designed to get you familiar with harmonies by ear. Hooktheory is also always updating there content and approach to learning theory.


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