HY-TP2 – Free Tremolo/Pan Plugin

HY-Plugins has released a free VST/AU plugin called HY-TP2; it is a useful tremolo AND autopan plugin. The plugin comes with a Mod Wave section where waveform selections can be made to choose the type of modulation wave (sinewave, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, log up, log down, square, and random). There is a phase adjustment knob right below the waveform selection to adjust for timing issues and a smoothing knob next to that to smooth out the modulation shapes. The tremolo/panner section is straightforward with standard rate, depth and modulation width knobs (or a sync button to lock into the track tempo). The width modulation knob actually adjusts the balance between the tremolo and autopan effects. A dual filter section follows that with hi and lo-pass knobs. Finally, there is a volume knob to send out to your DAW.

The GUI is resizable, includes a bypass button and a preset manager so you can save and load your favorite settings. There is also a preset randomizer if you want to get funky! This plugin is downloadable for free on the bedroomproducer’s blog.


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