Hybrid Kicks – 67 Free Kick Samples Made from the Body

Max Christensen has released Hybrid Kicks, a sample pack containing 67 kick samples originally recorded from body thumping sounds. The sound source is the body, that’s pretty cool. Max grabbed a microphone, prepped for recording, then thumped away at his chest to record the samples. He then processed each sample to give it a modern sound and split them up into four categories: Low Thumb, Punchy, Sustained, FX. Here’s what Max said about the process:

I recorded various body hits, adjusted the tails and then basically went crazy with the processing. First I added the subharmonics with the free subharmonic generator Bark of Dog because any drum will have a resonating frequency and a chest pound is just way too short. Then I would equalize, saturate, and compress like crazy in various orders. Sometimes I would apply double compression, double saturation, double distortion, and so on.

Since every plugin was reacting so violently to the audio, changing the processing chain sometimes had dramatic effects, sometimes not. For the FX patch, I used some additional processing tools like bitcrushers and other distortion effects. After everything was said and done I was left with 67 usable samples which were then categorized into Punchy (short with a good attack), Sustained (long with a fundamental note), Low Thump (sub-bass kicks or 808 like kicks), and FX. 

We were pleasantly surprised by how usable the kicks were. We really didn’t know what to expect only because kick sample packs are often hit or miss. Alas, the whole lot was quality and a few really stuck out to us as gold! Listen below to an audio demo featuring the many many kicks.



Here’s a video that uses body hits as kick drums that inspired the Hybrid Kicks sample pack. Go to the Max Christensen website to download the sample pack for free! All you have to do is enter a valid email address. Enjoy!


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