IRCAMAX 2 – Scientific Max for Live Effects


IRCAM, French research institute revolved around the science of music and sound music, recently released a set of effects designed for Ableton’s Max for Live called IRCAMAX 2. Much of the effects released are a sort of touch up to many of Ableton’s preset effects, with the taste of cutting edge research.

Some of the effects you’d find within the IRCAMAX 2 are the following: A polyphonic synthesizer, a physical modeled filter, a vocal harmonizer, a freeze effect which allows you to “freeze and manipulate live or recorded sounds, an audio-to-MIDI converter, spectral and grain delay, a multi effect that includes delay, reverb, chorus, auto pan and finally a 3-oscillator, 3-envelope polyphonic synth. Much of the effects draw from IRCAM’s previously developed Modalys engine.

The set of Max for Live Plugins are currently being sold for $199 and is seriously worth a look if you are looking to refresh your sound and production.

Listen to the array of songs developed with IRCAMAX 2, (produced my Naju,) to get a better sense of what the plug-in(s) could provide.


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