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IK Multimedia, an Italian based company, aims to bring classic hardware into full digital form with all their color and character. Their motto “Recreate classic legendary products in the digital world and make them available to all musicians,” and they’ve been pretty successful thus far. In light of IK’s 20th year anniversary, they’ve decided to giveaway a free T-Rack Compressor. The download process is a bit convoluted if you are not already registered with IK, (explained down below,) but is worth the process.

The compressor emulates itself after classic warm sounding compressors, giving you a big full sound. The side chain effect detects your bass heavy sounds before they hit the detection circuit which modulates your compression. A stereo enhancement effect also allows you to easily widen or narrow your sound. Throw the Classic Compressor on piano, drums or bass to get a brighter, warmer, and bigger sound.

In order to get the Classic compressor follow this link here. You’re going to have to download Custom Shops in order to access the free giveaway. In custom shops and click on “restore my gear,” and the plugin should pop up under the available category. From there you follow the download link and you should be good to go. The free giveaway lasts until March 31st, so hurry and get it now. Worth the time if you are looking for a fuller sound.


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