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Izotope is a Cambridge, Massachusetts, based software company that creates award winning mastering and production software programs. Their latest release, the Ozone 7, is offered as standard or advanced version. Most of the upgrades you see on the advanced version are vintage emulators: vintage tape, vintage EQ, vintage compressor, and a codec preview; the Ozone 7 essentially has a load of throwback effects. Ozone 7 Standard, (also included in the Advanced version,) is geared with a vintage limiter, alternate export formats, and an upgraded maximizer.


Ozone 7 Audio Mastering Features & Plug-ins 2015-11-09 13-27-51


One of the most notable features is the codec reviewer and the upgraded maximizer. The codec preview allows you to listen to what your mastered tracks would sound like in different high-end ‘industry-standard,’ codecs. You can preview within your DAW, so you can avoid endless exports and re-exports. You can make adjustments as to where your master will be played, allowing you to have maximum control over your finished product.


Ozone 7 Audio Mastering Features & Plug-ins 2015-11-09 13-27-00

The upgraded maximizer is also a huge plus, especially because it is included within the standard version. A new IRC IV algorithm allows the for more efficient processing, so a fuller and louder sound is uncompromising to the sound quality. Perfect for limiting a drum while still capturing its pop.

The vintage emulators are pretty impressive as well. Possibly a little late in the game, since there are a number of vintage emulators in the market already, you are still getting an un-compromised quality with Izotope. The vintage tape allows you to have vintage style saturation and analog a rich analog tone; vintage eq taps into subtle frequency. adding richness and body to your mix; and the vintage compressor is a single band compressor that will warm up and brighten your music.

Ozone 7 standard is currently on sale through November 11th, sold at $199 dollars, while the Advanced version is going for $449. Off sale price is $249 for standard and $449 for Advance.


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You can download your copy at the link below:

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