J74 Progression- Musical Composition Plugin


The J74 Progression is a Max for Live tool that enhances your musical composition and speeds up your workflow. Packed with tools like chord, scale, and harmony finders, along with a multidimensional arpeggiator and a powerful chord progression generator, the J74 is a bang for the buck tool that will push the theory behind your production.


To highlight the capability of the J74 Progression, we’ll look at a couple key features it offers:

Chord/Scale Detection: Pretty straightforward, the chord/scale detection detects what chord or scale you are playing in real time. It’s a pretty handy device to throw in while producing, adding a layer of depth to your productions theory. The detection is in real time too, so you can utilize this feature during a live performance as well.

Arpeggiator: The arpeggiator feature works within the main component of the J74 Progression. You have the ability to customize the order in which the chord is arpeggiated, choosing between the 7th, 5th, 3rd, tonic and the low. There is also a small set of presets that include general patterns like up, down, chord and guitar.


Chord Progression Matrix: The Matrix allows you to set the chord pattern, breaking the matrix down to 16 bars and seven degrees of a chord. The layout of the matrix allows you to create creative and meaningful progressions quickly and easily.

J74 Progression: Finally the most notable feature included within the J74 Progression is… the J74 progression. A simple, yet powerful, plugin that generates progressions at the click of a button. The generator is loaded with parameters to tweak the progressions around, in order best articulate your ideas. You can choose the general tone of your progression between parameters like ‘pop,’ ‘nostalgic,’ ‘divergent,’ ‘convergent,’ etc.

J74 is loaded with tons more, like a circle of fifths chart, a chord explorer, progression chart, all tools that will further the depth of your productions theory. The plugin is being sold for a small $15 dollars which is ridiculously worth the price for what you get out of the single plugin. Highly suggested checking out.

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