JukeDeck- Incredibly Fast Online AI Makes Original Music!

JukeDeck is the latest in a increasing trend of online AI generated music production.Ed Rex, a Cambridge grad combined his love of music composition with AI to create an online music production service that generates a unique compositions. In 30 seconds, JukeDeck can create a song note by note based on the genera and mood you want the composition to have. The layout of the website is incredibly easy to use and navigate, making it accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike. Just select one of the 7 genres, one of 12 choices of mood, track length, then hit create and 30 seconds later your unique track is ready. Each track even comes with a name and can be downloaded, shared on social media, or used in media production. 


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Right now JukeDeck is mainly marketed toward cheaply and quickly creating music for use in  advertisements, video games, and other commercial sound design areas. The big draw for this product besides its speed and initial cost for the song is that it is royalty-free. While this is potentially an incredible tool for small businesses and other independent creative applications, it may mean a shrinking field for corporate and commercial sound designers. 


[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi5muzM3rFA” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji8CIi93Mhk[/su_youtube_advanced]


The rise of online music production series like JukeDeck and Landr demonstrate some of the tools that have the potential to further democratize the creation of music  for independent producers and musicians, but it also raises interesting questions about the future of digital production. Could applications like JukeDeck signal a shifting role of producers, songwriters, and audio engineers? Can using or programing music generating software be considered creative, and who’s to credit for the product? For now producers can rest easy, we won’t be replaced by AI anytime soon. Despite its advanced AI with machine leaning capability, and incredible speed and easy of creation, JukeDeck is still limited in what it can create. For now noting can replace an experienced producer or a well trained musician. 

Check out JukeDeck and try creating a free track for yourself. its surprisingly amusing,: https://www.jukedeck.com/

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