K-Mix – MIDI Controller & Programmable Audio Interface/Mixer


Kieth McMillen has recently released the K-Mix, pitched as a the unbreakable mixer, control pad, and audio interface. Loaded with 8 inputs and 10 outputs, with sample rates at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, the K-Mix makes for a durable, all in one piece of hardware.

k-mix-white-2At first glance, you will notice the similarities to Kieth McMillens breakthrough controller, the QuNeo. Working with similar, ultra sensitive mixing and rotary pads, the K-Mix hints at familiarity with a punch of power. Beyond the use as an ordinary controller, the K-Mix can be used in three ways, which you could swap between, an audio interface, a programmable mixer and a not-so-ordinary control pad.

The audio interface feature is equipped with transparent uPre Amps that provide a clean, low noise pre amp. The K-Mixer mirrors your audio input with a colorfully lit display for an easy detection of where your audio rests. There are eight faders and four rotary controls, that can be swapped in and out between your audio controls or effect controls including a reverb effect, in which you can set presets.


The K-Mixer can also run as a fully programmable mixer with the ability to take in audio from multiple outlets equipped with an 8 in/10 out interface. The K-Mixer can run as a standalone mixer with a DSP per channel, (meaning each channel is compressed,) optimizing your sound to its cleanest potential. The K-Mixer can also be programmed and mapped as a Midi Controller. What makes the K-Mixer so handy, though, is the fact that you can swap between it’s three modes within any given setting, really making the single piece of hardware into a powerful, portable machine.

You can snag your K-Mixer at this link for a reasonable. Check out the video below to see the K-Mixer in action.


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