KordBod – Not Your Ordinary Chord Generator


ISLA Instruments launched a kick starter for a powerful little toy called KordBod. A sleek, multi dimensional chord generator. Equipped with a two octave key board, LED display, chord modifier, a ribbon slider, a memory bank and some rotary knobs. The KordBot can be used as a step sequencer, an apreggiator and as a powerful learning device.




KordBot is designed to give you easy access to a variety of chords allowing you to create a comprehensive progression on the fly. On the left side of the device you have access to the type of chord structure you’d like to play, be it a diminished 7th or a minor 9th. On the right side, you have a keyboard layout which allows you to choose the root note of your chord. On the top of the KordBot there are six chord memory pads that you can program chords onto, making for quick access to a progression. The six pads also double as drum pads, when programmed with drums, adding an extra dimension to the chord generator.





When choosing chords, the illuminated keyboard display lights up the notes within a chord, allowing you to learn what you play all while using it as an instrument. So in a way the KordBot doubles as an instrument and a powerful learning device.

The KordBot is also equipped with fully assignable MIDI rotary knobs and a ribbon controller. The ribbon controller can be used as a strummer, to create a guitar like effect. On the top left you have an LED display which gives you a look at what is happening in the device. The KordBot is USB, MIDI, and Bluetooth capable, and can play an integral part in your creative process. The project currently has 370 backers and has far surpassed its goal of $55,000.oo. Contribute now at this link to get your KordBot as soon as possible. Check out the video below to see the KordBot in action!


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