Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

Korg has just released a new product in their growing arsenal of Volca instruments, the Korg Volca FM Synthesizer. The little piece of machinery is a three voice digital synthesizer, packed into an intuitive interface surface a 16-step sequencer, (typical in all Korg Volca’s,) and is equipped with a warp active step and a pattern chain that allows you to dig deep with the rhythmic patterns.

The Volca series revolves around simplicity, so sound synthesis is made easy, with a set of modulator and carrier knobs, which are mapped to multiple parameters, making it easy for anyone to hop into synthesis. You are also equipped with a chorus effect to add an extra layer of depth to all your sounds. Two new key features of the Volca Synth is the warp feature and the arpeggiator.

The warp feature allows you to warp certain patterns and can make for truly unique rhythmic patterns if aligned with another Volca Synth. That way you can really trip up your sequence by slightly skewing one of your patterns. The second key feature, never before introduced in the Volca series is an arpeggiator. Combined with the warp feature, you can really get some gnarly results. You are able to get up to 256 step sequences if you lineup your sequences side by side to really extend your sequence to full length songs.

Checkout the video below to see the synth in action, and follow this link here to get a full run down of the hardware.


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