Lazerwave – FREE Waveshaping Synth

Ldaysynths has just released Lazerwave, a FREE waveshaping synthesizer for 32-bit Windows platform. Lazerwave is a polyphonic synth based on using triangle waves in its three oscillators. This plugin can make some pretty decent sounds and has a unique interface to offer with its visual waveshaper. The visual editor has 8 bars that can be adjusted to shape the sound, it acts similar to an envelope. Then there are 2 internal LFOs that can modulate the pitch of the oscillators.

The filter section includes a resonant low-pass filter and high-pass filter, unfortunately, that resonance cannot be adjusted. The LPF can be modulated by the internal step-sequencer and can be set to synchronise with the DAW tempo or in a freely adjustable mode. Lazerwave includes an internal delay effect that can be set to mono, stereo, and ping pong delay modes.

Lazerwave brings forth a simple and unique synthesizer for users to enjoy. It has the potential for making some cool sounds different from typical subtractive synthesizers on the market. You could dive in quite easily if you aren’t a professional synthesist. Overall we think the synth is worth a try! Below is a description of features from the Ldaysynths website:

Synthesizer with a spacy touch.  It can make many kinds of sounds you may find usable for your Productions.

8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

– 3 Oscillators with shapeable Triangle Wave

– 3 ADSR Envelopes

– 2 LFO Rootable separately

– 1 LowPass Filter with Resonance and a Stepsequencer in two Timing Modes (Host-Synced/Free Rate) for the Cutoff Frequency


Output Amplitude is Toggled with the Velocity

Lazerwave can be downloaded for free from the Ldaysynths website.

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