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One of the most fascinating aspects of electronic music is the world of DIY projects that can follow behind. There are thousands of products designed to enhance your production, but nothing can compare to the sentiment of a homemade controller.

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Livid provides two starter kit for those who have no experience with creating hardware: the button box and the fader box. The controllers you create can be used for audio, video, and lighting, and are designed to be”plug and play,” controllers: meaning you can use them as soon as they’re built.

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The kits are loaded with everything you need: buttons, faders, sleek casing, an omni board, plus more. Each box is about 5 inches by 5 and about 2 inches thick, and is powered by a Brain Jr. motherboard, which makes for a small, compact, powerful little toy.

To get yourself started into the DIY world go ahead and grab yourself a kit from the link below. Right now each kit is going for a hundred bucks a pop.


Get Your Kit Here!


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