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A-Z Labs is a programming company that creates simple single patch plugins designed to work with your Ableton workflow. They are responsible for straight forward and super helpful plugins like “Already Played,” showing you which clips you’ve already played in a lengthy DJ set. Today, we are focusing on their new release, the Loop Slicer, a plugin that optimizes the functions available in a simpler.

The key features of the Loop Slicer include:

  • A separate uncluttered interface that has been solely optimized for effective Slicing
  • Additional Slicing Features that are not even available natively in Simpler:
    • Nudging the start and end of a slice via (mappable) encoders
    • Selecting and previewing the current, previous and next Slice from within the interface
    • Slicing in real-time or via the Insert Marker
  • Works out-of-the-box for Push 1 and all other supported control-surfaces that give access to device’s parameter banks
  • Key- and MIDI-Mapping of the most relevant Slicing parameters for manual mappings

The loop slicer essentially gives you what the Push 2 gives you in its slicing capabilities, except on screen, that can be controlled through MIDI or by a mouse. Check out the video below to get a sense of what you can with the slicer and follow this link to get a download. The Loop Slicer is currently available for about 16 dollars, (12 British Pounds.)


[su_vimeo url=”″]


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