Marie Ork – Free Voicebank for Alter/Ego Synthesizer

Karoryfer Samples has released an updated version of their Marie Ork voicebank for Alter/Ego, the free vocal synthesizer VST plugin by Plogue. For those of you unfamiliar with Alter/Ego you should definitely check it out, it’s an awesome FREE plugin capable of reproducing human vocal melodies. You can type in the words for it to sing and then the synth will sing pitches based on your MIDI notes.

Marie Ork was released last year as the first available voice for Alter/Ego and was only capable of a metal growl but now has been updated to feature two more voices: clean female vocals and spoken word vocals. These additions make the Marie Ork bank of presets a versatile vocal tool for any production; presets include Latin and Japanese phonemes.

Adding new soundbanks to Alter/Ego is easy – download the voicebank here (and the plugin if you don’t already have it), open the plugin, then drag the XML file onto the interface. You can use the plugin right away after that by typing MIDI notes into your DAW and typing words into the words box on the plugin’s interface. The overall experience when using Alter/Ego’s interface is smooth and intuitive, you can easily utilize the controls to change the tone and timbre of the chosen voicebank.

Alter/Ego is an impressive machine and the free voicebanks are powerful. While it doesn’t stand up to a professional human vocalist it does produce a crisp sound that is extremely capable, it makes for excellent backing harmonies and is a useful tool for demoing vocal melodies. We have experimented with lead vocals using Bones (the male voicebank) and found that if the style of music is right then Alter/Ego can hold its own as a solo lead. We especially like using the plugin for backup vocals, their tone provides a good body to your vocal tracks that are easily adjusted.

You can find the voicebank on the Plogue website, download here.

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