Maths – FREE Plugin from SocaLabs

Socalabs recently released a wild plugin called Maths. Maths is a FREE plugin and quite different from plugins you may be used to seeing as it produces no explicit effect but works based on user input formulas. These formulas operate as functions and process the audio signal based on your equations. The interface lacks sliders and faders dedicated to singular purposes but instead features two function boxes dedicated to the left and right stereo channels and four knobs that can be assigned parameters. The knobs are capable of being automated within your DAW for further customization. Maths features 25 built-in functions, fourteen operators, and one ternary operator; together these make it a powerful plugin if you’re up for the challenge. Admittedly, this is going to have a steep learning curve if you are inexperienced in the math department. However, those music makers out there comfortable with math equations are going to have a field day with this plugin as it encourages the Math Geek to awake in each of us. Below are some examples of functions you could use in the plugin borrowed from the SocaLabs website:


  • Swap left and right channels:
    • l: r
    • r: l
  • Make mono:
    • l: (l + r) / 2
    • r: (l + r) / 2
  • Invert polarity:
    • l: -l
    • r: -r
  • Generate sine wave
    • l: sin(t*10000)
    • r: sin(t*10000)
  • Automate gain:
    • l: l * p1
    • r: r * p1

There is a larger list of the possible Variables and Built-In Functions on the Socalabs website. Like we said earlier, this plugin isn’t for everyone but those interested in expanding their mathematical capabilities in a musical way should definitely check this one out. You can download the plugin for free on the Socalabs website.


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