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Ever looked at your cabinet, or printer, or a tree and thought, “I want to play that?” Mogees allows you to do just that. Funded through Kickstarter, a group from East London, developed a small sensor pickup which allows you to ‘plug-n-play,’ any inanimate object, (or animate, if you’re into that sorta thing,) to use it as an instrument.

The way Mogees work goes as follows: You stick the little sensor onto something, connect it to your phone, plug in some headphones and bang on whatever you’re trying to play. The sensor then picks up the vibration, sends it to your phone, and plays whatever sound you assigned. Due to its powerful sensory capabilities, it is able to tell the difference between different hits and gestures, which gives you the ability to assign each hit/gesture to different sounds. So in the end, Mogee can tell the difference from a trunk and a branch, and a swipe from a hit.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.51.37 PM


Mogees are also MIDI capable which gives the bright light prospect of live performance. Since you can assign and play, you can easily run the Mogees through a DAW like Ableton, tap into the hundreds of sounds you have access to, and start banging and brushing around.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.55.38 PM


You can learn more about the Mogee and order yours now, for $140, (for U.S purchases,) at the following link. The Mogee, very well, can add an element to your music and performances that you may have not imagined possible before. It has already caught the eyes of BBC, Jimmy Kimmel, Vice News, and many many more.


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February 25, 2016

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