Motus- The Instrument that Moves


Movement, motion and music all combined into a sleek handheld device. Motus is referred to as a “creative motion enhancer,” which you can use as a dancer, artist and musician. Your motion influences how your sound is articulated which allows for a wide range of expression. Motus is compatible with Ableton live, so you are able to choose from a number of instruments and record your production. You are also able to create your own unique instruments which can come in handy if you are interested in sound synthesis.

Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer, a spatial musical instrument unleashing the power of motion | Crowdfunding Campaign 2015-11-10 16-29-31

The Motus integrates your movement in three different ways, highlighting the key points to your movement: velocity, dynamics, and displacement. What Motus doesn’t rely on is optical sensors, which has been shady technology for a while now. By honing in on these three components the Motus makes for smooth motion integration. If you choose, you can augment your live instruments, to integrate motion with, say, a guitar, or violin. If you’re not strictly a musician, Motus can be used for visuals as well and can work great with performance art.


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Motus is currently being funded by donations, but has a world of potential. If you buy during the donation period you are given a load of premium sounds, discounts off of future products, and invites to different shows and events. Check out the video below to really gage how the Motus works. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Motus has already been recognized by companies like CNET, Synthopia, Sonic State, Techna Lab, and much more.

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