MPC Pad Cycler for Ableton

We’re coming back with another free Max for Live device! This one is for the finger drummers – MPC Style Pad Cycler for Ableton. This device allows you to load as many samples as you want on one pad. And cycle between the samples in all sorts of ways while still using just one pad!

Check the video below for more details and grab your free download on the bottom of the post


Beat Lab MPC Pad Cycler


To use the Pad Cycler first load an empty Drum Rack. Then load another Drum Rack on one of the pads. Load as many samples as you want onto the nested Drum rack. Finally, add the Pad cycler between the master Drum Rack and the nested Drum Rack



Transpose – Change the pitch of all the samples

Velocity – Adjust Velocity Sensetivy amount

Fade In – Add Fade in

Fade Out – Add Fade out

Direction – Change the way the samples Are being cycled through with every hit of a pad.

Reset – Reset the cycler to the first sample

Trigger/Gate – Change the sample playback mode from Trigger (doesn’t matter how long you hit the sample it will still play trough), In Gate mode, the sample will only play while holding a pad

Choke – Put all samples in the same choke group so they cancel each other and cannot overlap


Drag the downloaded file to your Max MIDI Effect Presets in the user library. See Gif Below:

Claim Your free download below

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