Music Licensing Workshop Recap

This past weekend Beat Lab hosted an awesome workshop featuring Brewhouse Music, a music company that has been hired for numerous licensing deals with some of the biggest names out there in advertising and film. The founder, Shy Goren, gave an excellent presentation on his history in the music business and his path to creating the behemoth of production that is Brewhouse Music.




Shy’s story began with a promising music career as a popular band in Israel, convinced by industry professionals that his band was the next big thing he moved his operation to the states in hopes of pursuing the highest points of success…but, like so many others he had been falsely seduced. After a few years as an independent musician and producer and fruitless meetings with record companies claiming to want his music Shy and his business partner decided to respond to an advertising brief for custom music. Turns out they had a knack for it because they won the bid and made their first successful entrance into the sync side of the music industry.

It took a little bit longer before Shy and his partner decided to fully commit to making music for sync licensing but when they finally did they didn’t look back, and it was for the better because it actually allowed them to sustainably pursue their passion for making music professionally. Brewhouse music was born.





Brewhouse Music currently has a large roster of composers and producers who they can reach out to when they receive advertising briefs. Shy gave us some good insight into the process from an artists’ point of view – one thing he said you should never do is accept an exclusive licensing deal with no money up front. Unless you are promised money upfront there are no guarantees the music you just signed away will ever be used, and once it is under an exclusive contract you can no longer share it with the world (for free or for money). Music licensing is a great way to earn some cash for our music if you are a music producer and if you are interested in making music specifically for sync as a fulltime gig then reach out to someone at Brewhouse! Good luck, and join us next time for more Beat Lab Academy workshops!

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