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If you talk to some old school musicians about electronic music one of their biggest complaints, (worries, criticisms, hesitations-whatever it is,) they have about the genre is in regards to live performance. A largely held stigma against the lack of improvisational techniques leads some to question the value of electronic music itself. (In my opinion, this is not a valid conclusion.) Though some electronic musicians have taken it upon themselves to advance the improvisational capability for artists across the spectrum of electronic music.

Musician and inventor, Tim Exile the creator of The Finger and The Mouth, has developed a software called Flesh, through Native Instruments, that is capable of creating multidimensional songs through a single sample. The software essentially draws from, and expands, a single rhythmic sample into a multi dimensional including bass lines, riffs, melodies, pads and more.


The idea behind Flesh is to “flesh out,” natural sounding, dynamic melodies to accompany your sample. This allows for optimal live performance and improvisation because you can alter, tweak and work with samples and ideas on the go.

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Flesh works with a number of different engines to achieve its unique dynamics: sample engine, monosynth and polysynth engines, sub synth, effects and modulation engines. Each component contributes to the multifaceted result. All individual engines are equipped with spectrum, character, length and mod knobs, which are fully adjustable and allow room for improvising the resulting sound.

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Time Exiles creation was created for an easy way to create full length songs from a single rhythmic sample. Flesh is well worth a look if you are seeking newfound inspiration, or just to mess around with what is essentially a new instrument and a new way to create music. With Native’s new release electronic music takes, yet another step, towards reaching its full musical capabilities.Flesh is currently being sold at $99.00 and is available for download now. 

Check out the video below to see Flesh in action.

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