Online VS. In-Person Classes: Which is Right for You?

Social distancing is all the rage right now and schools are offering online options like never before. The question is: are online classes right for you? Even though we’re practicing social distancing, Beat Lab Academy is still able to offer in-person classes.

Beat Lab offers online, and Live Online courses as well. With all that flexibility it can be hard to choose. In this article, we’ll help you know the options a bit better.

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Online Flexibility

One of the benefits of online courses is that you can take them anytime, and anywhere. You aren’t limited by the physical classroom. That sort of flexibility comes at the cost of some options you may prefer, like live instruction and dedicated study spaces.

With the flexibility of online courses, you are more in control of your education. Online courses are mostly self-lead, self-directed, and taken alone. No distractions inside of classroom, and no classmates to hold you back.

That’s not for everyone though. Many people¬†prefer the classroom because of external motivation and direction. Also, they don’t see classmates as distractions as much as peers to experience education with.



Online courses are the way to go if you’re a self-starter and not looking for any additional benefits aside from the curriculum. If you want more discipline then consider in-person courses.

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In-person Structure

Moving to a physical classroom after trying online education is very common. Some people outgrow the YouTube playlists they’ve created or the entire lack of structure they’ve otherwise been experiencing.

Online courses on Lynda or Skillshare are great options but don’t always offer feedback from the instructors. Beat Lab’s Online Certification program is a self-lead program, but we’ve laid out the curriculum for you, and our staff is always available for feedback.

So if you’re looking for lots of structure, In-Person classes are the way to go. You’re required to show up once or twice a week, engage in the classroom and turn in homework assignments. There is a teacher to answer questions, classmates to spark you curiosity, and the social pressure of showing progress.




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Live Online Classes

Live Online classes are the new normal in 2020. Many people get the best of both worlds with this option: live instruction + online classrooms. You can study from home but still participate in real-time with classmates and a teacher.



Studying online allows for flexibility in scheduling, and though a Live Online will have a predetermined schedule, you won’t be limited by physical geography. You can participate from anywhere in the world if your time-zone is conveniently located. If it isn’t, you can still participate at odder hours if you’re motivated to do so.

Beat Lab’s Live Online (International) Certification Program is a great option because you still get the benefits of our great community. We’re known for our incredible curriculum, and our incredible community. Enjoy weekly study groups, review sessions, and access to Masterclasses that you wouldn’t if you only studied online.

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At the end of the day, pricing is the deciding factor for many people. So what’s your budget? How does it fit into your expectations of the education? Once you decide what you’re comfortable paying, and what you’re comfortable paying for then you’ll know which class is best for you!

Prices will increase as more involvement from teachers and staff is required. As with many things though, you get what you pay for. Looking at the pricing of each type of course can be daunting, but always remember that you’ll be investing in yourself.

Check out the prices on the classes we offer by navigating to and from the Our Programs page. From there you’ll be able to learn more about each class, and see pricing on the product pages.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re offering virtual class visits and free workshops around the clock so you can get a taste of the different course offerings here at Beat Lab.


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