Outist – FREE M4L Device: Route Audio Anywhere in Ableton Live

We did a post awhile back about the new flexibility in Live 10 to route audio to places previously unavailable, well now there’s a Max4Live Device that gives you the power to take control of that flexibility. Outist is a plugin that lets you route audio from anywhere in Live to anywhere in Live, route audio internally or send it out of the DAW to somewhere external. The control is in your hands with this plugin.



The device has an extremely straightforward interface, simply select the destination in the first drop-down box and select the routing signal in the second drop-down box. In the picture above you can see that Outist is being used to split the signal and send to different effects, one part continues on in the track FX chain to the Amp effect and the other signal is sent to the “A-Room” Return track. The big knob in the center is the Send amount, a panning knob is below. We’re sure you will think of other cool ways to use this device so if you come up with something make sure to comment and let us know!

Download the device here for free.

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September 28, 2018

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