Pioneer DJ Blurs Line Between DJ and Producer with  New DJS-1000 Sampler & Sequencer

Pioneer DJ announced last week their new Sampler & Sequencer the DJS-1000. This new tech is poised to compete with other samplers/sequencers on the market that are used in Live DJing gigs – but we think it is more likely to bring DJ’s new to live production in, rather than convert DJ’s already using other gear for that purpose. Compared to the current range of samplers/sequencers on the market, the DJS-1000 doesn’t make much sense for lugging around, and there are more affordable options (Elektron, Roland, etc.) to use in studio production. The draw definitely comes in the ease of use, but we aren’t completely sure if it will appeal to DJs who are happy with just decks and a mixer. That being said, and seeing how prevalent CDJs already are in club DJ’ing, it isn’t too far of a leap to imagine venues shelling out the extra money for the new gear. The added benefit of using the DJS-1000, after all, is the ability to simply tote around a USB stick full of samples rather than your laptop. Watch the video below to hear a little bit more about the features.


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  • 16 step color-coded input keys, step sequencer
  • Touch strip
  • 7-inch full-color touchscreen, with three screens – Home, Sequence, Mixer
  • Live sampling from inputs
  • FX: echo, reverb, filter, etc.
  • MIDI clock sync, Beat Sync (via PRO DJ LINK)
  • Tempo slider
  • Form factor that sits alongside the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS



This sounds like a promising set of features on a piece of gear that would be fun to add to your DJ’ing gig, especially if you are interested in live remixing/production but haven’t broken into it yet. Those familiar with Traktor’s Remix decks or Serato’s sampling/sequencing features may not be interested in converting to the Pioneer gear unless they are already using CDJ’s to gig with. The biggest draw is, of course, the appeal of carrying a few USB sticks rather than your own gear + laptop. If you are a DJ interested in adding live performance to your routine, want to do it on the fly and incorporate elements of your set that you are already using then this new tech may be right for you.

Pioneer has comfortably set itself up as the industry standard for club DJ gear worldwide, and we will almost certainly see higher-end venues adopt the DJS-1000. The question we are left with at the end of the day is what does this mean for Native Instruments and Ableton? Studio/home production still relies heavily on the use of computers, but live production has seen a lot of new standalone gear on the market. Will we see a Push 3 that contains a soundcard and file storage? Will the new Maschine MK3 stand up to its rivals? We think some exciting will continue to happen as the industry evolves and adapts to the use of computers live, avoiding the use of computers live, and the mix of the two.

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