Polyphylla – Additive Max for Live Synth


Ableton just released a new Max for Live plugin. Polyphylla is a new additive synthesizer which emphasizes its simple nature with its highly complex, “under the hood,” processes. Additive synths can be complicated and can scare some, who aren’t as familiar with synths, away from ever diving into them. Polyphylla is made to be accessible for novices while providing the necessary power and potential for experts.


Polyphylla can be used to make a full punchy bass, along with bright leads, but separates itself with its ability to make tripped out ambient noises and textured pad sounds.

“At the heart of the synth is a flexible 120-partial additive oscillator coupled to an analogue-style noise generator, each with its own multimode filter. The oscillator offers three methods by which to generate and edit a base harmonic spectrum: simple analogue waveform emulation, knob-driven stochastic microtuning, and detailed graphical control of 32 partial groups. The noise generator, meanwhile, can be overdriven for extra grit.”  -Ableton by Mellisonic

Grab your Polyphylla Synth over at the Ableton store as a Max for Live plug-in for $49.00, at the link below.

Polyphylla Download

Check out the demo:

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