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The biggest struggle digital reverb faces is to emulate a ‘real life’ reverb sound. Reverb affects could easily sit your sound farther back with competing noises, or add a tail of sound to make it ‘reverberate,’ but the attempt to replicate real life reverb is a bit more difficult. With that said, the sound of many reverb effects are generally accepted, and experimental reverb can prove to be stiff.

U-He Protoverb is a free experimental reverb plug-in, that lets you randomize and get into tweaking your reverb sound. Results can be a real hit or miss, resulting in either warm organic sounding reverbs, to gritty unnatural digital sounding reverbs.

Protoverb is laid out as if it is a reverb pedal, looking like something you’d find in the back of a used gear section, at a music shop in Echo Park. The idea behind the Protoverb is to randomize between two parameters, the sonic structure and the delay structure, and to essentially come across a preset that you like. From there you can save and stow away the presets you find useful.

The Protoverb is a great free plugin that could add a dimension of unique sounding texture to your projects and could serve as a good point of direction when coming to a lull with ideas of how to make your sound more interesting.

Check out the video below to get a better look at the Protoverb.


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