Rekordbox 5.1 Update Released – New Automix and Lyric Videos

Pioneer DJ announced the most recent version of their DJ software, Rekordbox, which can be used to organize your DJ files and sets as well as to spin the tunes. The latest version includes an upgraded algorithm to better suggest songs based on beatmatching/phrase-mixing AND it can also play automatically those songs from a playlist. This feature will be especially useful for those wedding DJs or DJs who all constantly on the hustle and don’t have as much time to dig through their collections, or if they want to let the app do its work while they take a break and enjoy appetizers. The suggestion algorithm also improved the search function by in turn letting you specify which type of songs you’ll be suggested based on artist or comment, etc.

Also new is the Lyric Plus Pack which displays lyrics on screen, similar in fashion to those fancy lyric videos you’ve no doubt seen all across Youtube and Vevo. Lyric Pack automatically downloads lyrics for the songs in your library and displays them whenever you put a lyric-capable song in your decks. If you want to utilize this cool new feature you will have to subscribe for $7.90/month.

This feature will likely benefit VJs the most and then DJs spinning at karaoke parties, but either way, it’s a pretty cool way to engage your audience even more. Anybody who knows the lyrics will be happy to read them and anybody who doesn’t will be thankful they can get them right!

Rekordbox 5.1 is out now as a free download, check the Rekordbox site for more details.

Check out this promo video to get an idea of the possibility!

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