Should I Buy It? – Guitar Rig 6

Native Instruments are back with their Komplete 13.

One of the most notable additions is the long waited Guitar Rig 6! Now offering new design, 3 new amps, 15 new effects and a revamp browser. This multi-fx plugin is not only for guitarists.

Let’s check out if we should buy it.



Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Rating: 8.5/10


–  New Design looks clean

–  The 15 new effects including the studio plugin effects are a great addition

– Keeping the same

– Great Manual


– Most amps from version 5 still don’t sound too realistic

– New amps might be too few for a whole new version (But with potential to a lot more with updates)



Guitar Rig Pro has been around for years as a one of the most customizble plugin for guitarists and bassists out there.

With the surge of other guitar Amp plugins, the popularity of Guitar Rig dwindled down. But now with version 6, it’s trying to grab the spotlight once again.

Version 6 features the same layout and functionality but with a new design.



The browser was completely revamped we can now tag our favorite presets, filter by input type, FX types, Amplifiers, Genres, and Artists.

The plugin Window is now scalable which helps with seeing your entire rack with a minimum amount of scrolling.

Overall, the new design cleans up the look and feel while making it easier to use and easier on the eyes even if the screen is filled with components.

Clicking on the components tab will reveal all of Guitar Rig 6’s offerings.

We can use the filter tags to see components in a specific category and loading them with drag & drop.

We still have all the old components from Guitar Rig 5 with the addition of some cool new ones. Most notably the import of Native Instruments’s studio effect plugins and some of their licensed Softube plugins (RC 24, RC 48).

ICM Amps


The new ICM technology using machine learning to model and capture the characteristics of guitar amps. The new amps do sound great, each with it’s own character and color.

The matched cabinet is also new and improved with state of the art Impulse Responses.

It seems promising as NI is committing to work with the community to bring a lot more amps in future updates



Dynamic 50’s style amp. Can be softly driven or completely distorted by adjusting the Input level of your guitar.


Bass Invader

Vintage Solid State Amp, 4 band EQ and Voicing Filters


Fire Breather

High-Gain amp that can range from clean distortion to heavy metal.

Studio Effects


Native added their plugin effect series to now be included in Guitar Rig.

This allows for a new combination of effects that opens up Guitar Rig for processing drums, keys, synths, vocals, and even mix busses.


Crush Pack

Bit Crusher, Frequency Shifter and Distortion


Mod Pack

Chorus, Phaser and Flanger



RC 24, RC 48 and RAUM


Vintage Compressor

Emulations of 1176, LA2A, and DBX 160


In addition to the old effects from previous versions, we also get the Solid Mix Series (Studio Grade EQ and Dynamics), Transient Master, Rammfire, and 12 effects converted from Traktor.


The latest version of Guitar Rig brings new mixing and sound design tools into the arsenal while providing a cleaner look and better preset system.

The lack of more new amps might be fixed in the future with the promise of involving the community with the development of new components using their ICM technology.

The market of Guitar effects has become saturated in the last decade, with plugins like Amplitube 3 and Bias FX, Guitar Rig 6 doesn’t stand alone. But if you used the previous version you’ll feel right at home, and if you’re new to the game, Guitar Rig 6 can deliver.

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