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Decomposer just released their free drum sampler instrument for alpha/beta testing so now is the time for you to get your hands on it. Satal is designed as a straightforward instrument built for a simple workflow, the user interface certainly lends to that notion. The plugin can be downloaded as a VST or AU format. Multiple formats are supported for loading into the plugin – WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, FLAC, and many others! A nice feature is the ability to save your kits for recall later; the instrument comes loaded with some presets already though, two drum machines called “Classic 08” and “Classic 09”. It comes with 16 sample slots which you can load your own external sounds into, Mute and Solo buttons are located below each sample pad. There are four knobs placed on the right side of the plugin that can be used to shape the tone and timbre of each drum hit independently.

Each knob gives you the ability to customize how your sample will sound – Shape, Compressor, Tuning, and Volume. The developer stated that these four parameters made up the most relevant characteristics of a drum sound. The Shape knob acts like a transient designer in that it shortens the decay when rotated counterclockwise and decreases the attack when rotated clockwise. The Compressor knob increases the internal compressor – a decent one – that will give your kicks and snares some more punch when used. The Tuning knob will alter the pitch of the sample and the Volume knob will attenuate the volume.

Sitala isn’t the most advanced drum sampler you’ll ever use but it makes up for that with simplicity. Users of Ableton Live may not have the need for it compared to something like Drum Rack but anybody using other DAWs looking for an instrument designed to look and feel like an old-school drum machine will find solace in Sitala. It’s a low-impact plugin in terms of CPU load and easy on the eyes too. We look forward to seeing what the full release will offer.

You can sign up for the free beta on the Decomposer website where there is also a more in-depth video from the developer on the plugin.


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