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If you’re trying to step into the world of music production, but don’t have formal knowledge of music theory or proper technique, you may be interested in Skoove.

Skoove is an online tutorial app that teaches you piano and music theory. Developed by Dr. Stephen Shulz and Dr. Florian Plenge, the program is geared for simplicity, aiming to stray away from conventional and classical forms of training, and to teach you in a relaxed and efficient manner.

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Learning a Language

The program jumps right to. You set your midi controller, get briefed on how the app works and from that point on you’re playing the piano. The lessons workout in a ‘show and try,’ system, as in, you watch a video showing you what to do, then you’re given a chance to try. While you play, a scroll of notes roll along, on beat, and shows you what you should be playing. This presentation turns out to be very interactive and immersive. It almost feels like you have a different language drawn out of you, leading you to fluid speech.

Skoove is smart

The program serves as a personal trainer. Just like being taught an instrument, Skoove keeps track of what you are having difficulties with and comes up with solutions to target specific problem areas. So if chord changes is what you’re struggling with, Skoove might suggest relaxing your hand position.

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After finishing three beginner courses, (totaling at 48 individual lessons,) you’re set up with seven courses that teach you full length songs in different genres, from classical to blues. The prospect of growing and gaining the ability to play everything you see available through Skoove, excites you to practice and grow.

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Next Level Musicianship

A huge aspect of musical expression is musical articulation. So as an aspiring producer its crucial to become familiar with the musical language and have the technique to carry it out. If you want to up your game in writing and playing music give Skoove a try while it’s still in beta testing and free. Once the beta is over, the price of Skoove will be anywhere from $6 to $12  dollars. We provided a link below. Go give it a spin and take the next step in your music life.

Skoove Site

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