Softube – Revamped Vintage Compressor

Softube is a versatile company that develops music hardware and software and has worked for companies like Fender, Native Instruments,  Universal Audio and even developed the Ableton Amp. They recently recreated and released a rendition of the 1973 Drawmer Compressor and tediously worked to replicate it to a tee. Developed alongside the actual Drawmer research team and sealed with the stamp of approval by the compressors father, Ivor Drawmer, himself. A three band compressor allows you to pull out specific sounds and instruments and either brighten the highs, or tighten lows, and can be equally applied to single sound sources.

Softube stayed true to the look and feel of the original Drawmer, while updating it with a few key features like mid-side processing and a side chain feature, making the compressor expansive and versatile. The Drawmer is also equipped with a load of some quick use presets that were found on the original compressor, and some new fresh presets that allow you to kickstart your projects towards a specific direction. The analog replicant captures the sound of an analog compressor into a sleek looking plug-in.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.43.25 PM

(A Look at the Multi-Band Parameters)


You can download and find out more about the Softube D73 compressor for Mac or PC at this link here.  Softube has been backed by Marshall, Abbey Roads Studio, Trident, Fender, Drawmer and many more. The D73 is well worth a look in adding to your mixing and mastering arsenal.

There is also a spring sale (%50 off) going on right now at the Softube website.

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