Speculum – FREE Delay/Comb Filter Plugin

Decade Bridge recently released a unique plugin that we’re sharing with you and encouraging to check out, plus it’s free! Speculum is a Delay effect and Comb Filter combined int one unit that can be used for some pretty cool results. Switch between the effects and then send the audio signal through a low pass filter for further processing. The delay rate can be adjusted by moving the ‘Time’ dial to the specified amount (represented by divisions of time). The plugin really shines when you automate the parameters to produce flange/phase effects and it works particularly well for builds and drops.

The interface is quite simple to follow with eight knobs dedicated to the typical controls you would see on a simple delay. Parameters such as Time, Feedback, Wet/Dry and Gain are all present but you get some additional controls as well for things like ratio, a lowpass filter plus resonance, and a pan dial for adjusting the position of the stereo signal! All this adds up to a simple to use and unique simple delay/comb filter plugin. Try it out today!

Speculum can be downloaded for free in VST or AU format for Mac or PC on the Decade Bridge website. Check out the video below to hear it in action!


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