Split Stereo Panning – FREE Rack from AfroDJMac

AfroDJMac just released a FREE Ableton Rack for taking advantage of True Stereo Panning in Ableton Live 10. This option is new to Ableton Live, meaning that stereo audio can now be truly split to either side. Previously in Live 9, what we had was not true stereo panning. If you had stereo audio and panned to either side on a channel you would lose material from the opposite side. Now you can send left to right and vice versa. We’re quite thankful for all the updates Ableton made for the newest version of Live and this is a small but powerful tool.



All you have to do is right-click on the pan control to switch between Stereo and Stereo Split. Watch these videos below to learn more about Ableton 10’s Stereo Split Panning abilities and the benefits of throwing AfroDJMAC’s rack on your rack. You can get your free copy on AfroDJMac’s website here. AfroDJMac has a lot of other awesome resources available on his blog so be sure to surf his site and see what is available!


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