Sterling – Crystal Clear MX Monitors

Daddy Kev, (founder of Low End Theory,) explained at a Beat Lab workshop, that monitor speakers are the greatest and most important tool in mixing and mastering. Sterling recently released a new line of monitor speakers that can greatly enhance your mixes,  coming in three different versions, the MX8, MX5, or the MX3, representing the inches of the speakers. Each are equipped with cutting edge technology providing you with crisp and clear sound, offered at very affordable prices.

Sterlings advanced dual-axis WaveGuidanceVH™ technology creates an incredibly wide “sweet spot,” giving you a clear, articulate and centered sound even when listening off-axis — horizontally and vertically.

A proprietary low-frequency cone design offers superior damping, which minimize sonic artifacts and unnatural resonance, while the 1” silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet provides a smooth and natural high-frequency response. And MX’s custom, 4-layer voice coil delivers greater motor force for outstanding low frequency performance.


This unique alchemy of technology and art results in studio monitors with high efficiency and ultra-low distortion — even when mixing your heaviest beats. A polished ebony finish and backlit Sterling logo make these MX monitors look as good in your studio as they sound to your ears.

The MX8s are going for $249.99, the MX5s will be $149.99 and the smaller MX3s will be 99.99 for a pair. You can grab a pair at GUITAR CENTER or on the STERLING WEBSITE.

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