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Vocals are often the foundation of emotion in a song and what better way to enhance that emotion than doubling your vocals? Vocal doubling is beloved by producers and listeners alike as it adds so much depth and weight to an already beautiful sounding vocal take. The process of doubling vocals can easily become a daunting task the more complex your lyrics and vocal melodies are, and adjusting multiple takes comes with its own slew of obstacles. The solution to this time-consuming task was vocal doubler plugins, but vocal doubler plugins have been pretty limited up until now, with exceptions being far and few between (more on that later). Lucky for us Sonnox has finally released their VoxDoubler Toolbox that features 2 plugins called ‘Thicken’ and ‘Widen’. The pair of plugins can be used in isolation or combination to enhance vocals (or other sounds) through stereo doubling and adding subtle timing and pitch variations to the original vocal.

Thicken works by creating a stereo double of the original vocal and layering them together, the combination of the layers creates a thick sounding double. Widen works by adding two mono layers to the original vocal and allows you to control how far panned to the sides they are. Each plugin has controls dedicated to adjusting the Pitch and Timing of each added vocal layer. Small differences in timing will determine how tight the vocals sound, and if you decide to increase the value then you’ll end up with results nearly call-and-response. The pitch knob will adjust the tuning of the doubles which can be used to some fun creative effect. One of the coolest features each of these plugins have is a loudness meter that indicates if your mix is ‘too loud’.

The plugin costs $79 as an introductory price right now, so if interested you can find more details and purchase it here. To see what the plugin can do, check out this video below:


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