Supersounds – FREE Modular Synthesizer Library

With our Sound Design Course just starting up recently we wanted to share with you some awesome FREE downloads – Irrupt Supersounds. Supersounds is a sound library containing 412 audio samples and loops recorded at 122.5bpm. All files are available in 4 different formats – 16-bit and 24-bit WAV, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, all mono. These sounds were created and collected by the following group of artists:

  • Herr Schneider
  • Patrick Detampel
  • Ebbots
  • Jako Jako
  • Henning
  • Attics
  • Perpetual Ash

We at Beat Lab are very thankful to Irrupt for organizing such an awesome pack and especially for making it free! Berlin is the heart of many electronic music scenes and here is what Irrupt had to say about the project,

“Creatively engaging with unique individuals is what gets us fired up. Personalities, passionate conversations, sonic exploration and shared discoveries are at the core of the creative process. Berlin is our home. To say this community is unique would be an understatement. Berlin has its own musical language and sound palette, informed by heritage, a changing urban landscape, and the unique experiences and interactions with the personalities that inhabit the capital city. Berliners hold fast to memories of what was and have an uncanny instinct for possibilities of what is to be next, all in the here and now.”

Those are some wonderful words and could not be more true to the spirit of Berlin. If you have ever wanted to get into modular synthesis but haven’t been able to afford a rig yourself this pack will be a great start to hear the sound palette of capable hardware. Superbooth 2018 is a convention held each year in Berlin featuring synthesizer enthusiasts and lucky for us they are a generous bunch because that’s where this project originated!

Visit the Irrupt website to download this awesome pack for free!


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