Audionamix XTRAX STEMS – New Stem Creation Software

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS – New Stem Creation Software Audionamix is a company specializing in stereo extraction software and they just announced their app XTRAX STEMS which can split any song into drum, vocal, and music stems. This is an exciting advancement in stem creation software and will be an awesome tool for remixers and DJs interested in remixing or making edits but can’t get a hold of the original stems. Say you want to remix some of your classics but your hard drives have long since malfunctioned or were stolen at a gig, with XTRAX you can get the next best thing by extracting the stems from your music. The app gives you hands-on control over each stem layer with faders for level, meter, pan, as well as solo and mute buttons. 4 algorithms are available to choose from, each one hones in on different layers of the music for sounding the best; the Generic algorithm …

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