LOOP- Music Maker Summit

LOOP- Music Maker Summit Where does music stand? Where is music headed? What are the newest techniques being used? All this and more will be thought of, imagined, and answered at LOOP: an Ableton event held in Berlin, Germany. What LOOP aims to do is connect over 400 creative minds to bring forward there techniques, ideas, and visions into conversation. Over the course of three days, from October 30th to August 1st, there will be a series of lectures, workshops and performances covering the newest innovations in Ableton. During the day talks will be given by various creators like Robert Henke, Holly Herndon, Young Guru, Matthew Herbert and more. From the sound of it, LOOP comes off like a TEDTalk event aimed specifically to the depth of musical conversation. During the night ABleton and CTM will hold performances by various artists like James Holden, Robert Aiki, Mykki Blanco,  Low Jack,  and …

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