5 Advanced Chords + Ableton’s Chord MIDI Effect Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Ableton’s Chord MIDI Effect Cheat Sheet       We continue with our Ableton Effects cheat sheet series. Check out the previous cheat sheets and techniques by CLICKING HERE.   The entire collection is available to Beat Lab students and alumni.   The chord MIDI effect is a simple yet powerful effect especially if you are looking to play complex chords with only one not.   Combining the chord effect with other MIDI effect can result in extremely useful tools like melody generators, complex arpeggios and automatic drum fill makers.   Here are 5 different chord formulas for you to test out.   Scroll down to the bottom to download the free cheat sheet. divider style=”clear”  Major 9th – Smooth and Lush     divider style=”clear”   Major 7th Add 2/6 – Gospel Fullness     divider style=”clear” Minor 9th – Dark and Soulful     divider style=”clear”   Minor 11th …

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Hooktheory Updates – Finding Cool Chord Progressions just got way Simpler

Hooktheory Updates – Finding Cool Chord Progressions just got way Simpler You may be familiar with Hooktheory already, but recent upgrades to their software have us checking out this cool software program in depth. Hooktheory is one of the best song analysis, creation, and education tools out there. It lets you choose from thousands of songs, then takes you behind the scenes to show you exactly how they “work” music theory wise. Then, you can open up Hookpad, a musical sketching pad that guides you to creating your own theory-savvy songs. So what’s new? divider style=”clear” Transposition Features Hooktheory now lets you transpose any song from its original key to any minor/major key or mode you want. This is a seriously cool feature that will get your songwriting gears spinning. In the examples on their website, you can see how songs like Hey Jude and Blank Space are thrown into an …

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