Should I Buy It? – Kilohearts Phase Plant Review

Should I Buy It? – Kilohearts Phase Plant Review In this edition of ‘Should I Buy It?’ Yeuda takes on the behemoth plugin Phase Plant made by Kilohearts. Phase Plant is a modular synth that includes a huge variety of sound generators, effects, and modulation flexibility. It’s almost too much to describe with words, which is why we made a video covering it. Watch below, and read the breakdown below that.   su_youtube_advanced url=”” width=”400″ height=”200″ rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes”   su_box title=”Rating: 9.5/10″ style=”glass” box_color=”#333333″ su_row su_column size=”1/2″ Pros: – limitless sound generation* – limitless effects processing* *limitations based on your CPU strength – extremely lean and efficient CPU load – all the presets are incredible – subscription available to receive constant flow of updates and additional modules, plus you recieve annual $100 returns   /su_column su_column size=”1/2″ Cons: – the clear button has no warning box when clicked* *there are …

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