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Fresh Tracks of the Month May 13, 2019

Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve reviewed some music, but now we’re back and everything is okay. We’ve decided to change our format to monthly articles. Fear not, they feature the same high quality of songs for you to feast on! Listen below. Rich Fry – Drink the Magic Rich Fry’s Drink the Magic encourages delightful mischief in auditory form. The instrumentation balances a bad attitude with an optimistic reach for the stars all at once. The song made us feel like fighting, dancing, laughing, and drinking. The ringing guitars certainly help impart this feeling alongside the singer’s high-pitched encouragement. Listen below. Petey – Apple TV Remote Odd, fantastic, and uplifting – these are some words we’d use to describe Petey’s song Apple TV Remote. The title and topic of the song are both relatable (who HASN”T misplaced their TV remote) and nonsensical. The production is on …

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Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week February 1, 2019

Hello again! Welcome back to Fresh Tracks of the Week where we share the hottest music of the week. This will be our second installment of the new format (twice monthly posts). We hope you enjoy the bonanza, listen below! Shakti – Crescendo Ethereal vocals , synthesizers and booming sub-bass open this track with great appeal. Halfway through we’re greeted with a fantastic horn melody which eventually fades into a build plus drop. The production on this song is as crystal clear as the waters of the Big Island from which the producer calls home. We’re as happpy to drop this on the dance floor as we are to bump it in the car. Listen below. Post Traumatic – Do You Like It Do You Like It is an electro-bass beat with a glitch-tastic twist. The beat features a horn lead along with crunchy synths which drop you into a …

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Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week January 18th, 2018

Hey hey everybody, we’re back! This week we have an announcement to make, we’ll be adjusting our format to bi-weekly posts. This means that every other week we will publish a list of our favorite Fresh Tracks of the Week. Until then, enjoy this week’s Fresh Tracks! Listen below. Mathes – Backbone (feat. Caroline Kole) Backbone is a future house anthem with attitude. Caroline Kole’s vocals perfectly compliment the production by Mathes. The song arrangement flows seamlessly from section to section, and the production enhances it. This is a great blending of current underground and mainstream electronic production techniques. It’s catchy and made it into our next DJ gig. Listen below. su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes” /su_youtube_advanced Bruce Chillest – Jigglypuff Los Angeles native hit us with this funky song – Jigglypuff. The production is crunchy and clean and perfectly blissful. It invokes a lo-fi hip-hop vibe but is more …

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Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week January 11th, 2018

Happy new Year and welcome back to Beat Lab Reviews Fresh Tracks of the Week! We’ve got fantastic tunes for you to sooth your fresh 2019 ears with. French Horn Rebellion & Glassio – Love Me Back We’ll start off with a dope collaboration that brings us Love Me Back. It’s a bit like Passion Pit and Mura & Masa had a child. Falsetto singing dances around the melodies with poptastic instrumentation. It’s lovely. We really dig this balance, the sound-field gets wild. Enjoy it. Listen below. Bay Ledges – I Wonder This song may have the coolest artwork of all the fresh tracks today. It definitely stands out as an indie pop song. Some lovely subdued vocals rock along with the backbeat. It’s like we’re sitting on a…ledge. Couldn’t pass up that opportunity! Listen below. Illogical Time Concerns – Humana Humana features a heavily distorted vocal line. Oddly enough …

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Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 28, 2018

Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 28, 2018 We’re back with Fresh Tracks of the Week. Below we have some EDM bangers, some indie rock glory, some synthpop madness, and some laid back house tunes. Enoy this week’s edition of Fresh Tracks. su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d2d2d2″ size=”1″ Nala – Telepathy Nala just dropped a new single, a laid-back house song “Telepathy” which is full of character. Pulsating bass jellies with syncopated percussion rhythms in the background which pushes the vibe of the song toward something very primal and tribal. The song is as experimentally delicious and her own as much as her previous works. It’s hard not to groove to the swing of the beat and her caressing vocals. Listen below.     Slenderbodies – the one Smooth, sultry, and thumpin’ are a few words you could use to describe Slenderbodies’ newest single, “the one”. Shimmery guitars …

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Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 7, 2018

Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 7, 2018 The ruling has returned and Beat Lab Academy is officially live on SubmitHub and receiving submissions! The submissions keep rolling in so as we try to keep up we’ll be rolling the ones we like best out to you in this weekly format. The past few posts have featured ten artists and their music but in an effort to give each song the attention it deserves we’re going to keep the number of features around five. So keep on checking in and enjoying the Fresh Tracks!   su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d2d2d2″ size=”1″ Kyson – Every High (An-ten-nae Remix) Bay Area native An-ten-nae remixes Every High by Kyson. Fans can usually count on An-ten-nae’s signature Acid Crunk style to bring that low-down-dirty-bass, however, this time around it plays a far more subtle role in the song and it totally works. As it remains …

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