Support Local – 9 Music Tech Retailers to Support this Winter

Support Local – 9 Music Tech Retailers to Support this Winter   Some things are worth keeping around.  Los Angeles has entered another week of restrictions and lockdown and businesses are feeling it.   The pandemic has been especially hard on small and independent retailers. To keep alive the communities these retailers foster and the legacy gear they preserve, we have put together a list of 9 Music Tech Retailers here in Los Angeles worth your support this winter.  su_divider top=”no” size=”1″ 1. Perfect Circuit     Located in Burbank, Perfect Circuit is an independent music retailer that carries a wide variety of music tech from modular synths to Drum machines and sequencers, to streaming and DJ equipment. Before the pandemic, PC hosted multiple community events a month including manufacturer demos, community discussions, and in-depth clinics but has since moved these events to live stream on their Youtube Channel. You can still …

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Korg Volca Mixer – The Compact Mixer to Your Compact Gear

Korg Volca Mix – The Compact Mixer to Your Compact Gear With NAMM 2018 just around the corner, we’ve had plenty of teaser announcements about upcoming gear releases, one of the most exciting announcements is about the new Korg Volca Mix. This marks an addition to their popular Volca series which features compact synthesizers and samplers. Here are the features that this little guy packs: 4 inputs – 2 mono, 1 stereo input 3 faders each with a filter knob Analog stereo expander/compressor with sidechaining Master clock with sync out dedicated stereo send out, stereo RCA out, and headphone out Stereo Speakers Patchable DC power – 1 in 3 out     That list may be reason enough for people to purchase this powerhouse, but a surprising bonus is that this comes with a power supply, extra DC-DC cables, and aux cables for connecting to other gear. This is extra nice because the …

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Side Brain and Paul Dateh Open for Steve Wozniak at NAMM Show 2015

Side Brain and Paul Dateh Open for Steve Wozniak at NAMM Show 2015     The NAMM Show is one of the biggest music industry conferences in the world. For those who are not familiar, it’s basically the CES of music. Yeuda and Paul were honored to be invited to perform in arguably the most sought-after slot at the conference: Opening for keynote speaker, Steve Wozniak, AKA #thewoz. He’s the cofounder of a tiny unknown company. So Yeuda and Paul we basically the keynote for the keynote. 3,000 people, standing room only, at 8am..only at NAMM. When we were done, Steve thanked me and said that we gave exactly the kind of opening performance he was looking for. We got you, woz! Click the image below to watch the video at  

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