Side Gigs

How Side Gigs Can Work for Artists

How Side Gigs Can Work for Artists Being an artist is often stereotyped as a struggle between earning a living and staying true to your dreams. It’s easy to become discouraged and find yourself on paths that diverge from your artistry. However, side gigs can offer a perfect balance between profit and artistry. Working from Home Home can be a sanctuary from the outside world. For an artist, it can be the ideal environment to spark creativity and imagination, plus it can boost productivity. Of course, home can also be full of distractions, whether that’s interruptions or television. Given that, it’s a good idea to set up a home office. Choose a location away from noisy areas and distractions that has enough space for a desk and equipment like a printer and computer. Depending on your particular focus, you will also need a dedicated table. Be sure to minimize clutter …

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