Ableton User Group Meeting Recap – MaxforLive Visualizers

Ableton User Group Meeting Recap – MaxforLive Visualizers Our most recent Ableton User Group Meeting was this past weekend and as always we rocked the house. Beat Lab founder and Ableton guru Yeuda Ben-Atar (aka Sidebrain) lead the workshop and gave us a tour of the different Max4Live devices out there good for making visuals. First off-the-bat he mentioned the MaxforLive Essentials pack that includes a number of audio and MIDI devices that you can use to manipulate the parameters controlling your visualizer. There are a bunch of awesome packs available for free that you use to start playing around with visualizers right away, watch the video below to get started yourself!   su_youtube_advanced url=”” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes” /su_youtube_advanced   Follow these links to download the devices used in the video – Oscilloscope 2:… Butterfly:… Mushrooms:… Envelope Follower:… Until next time, enjoy these photos of the packed event, we even …

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5 Investments That Will Improve Your Live Show

5 Investments That Will Improve Your Live Show Lots of musicians out there are perfectly happy working in the studio and presenting their work in a recorded format, but there are just as many musicians who have the urge to perform their music for live audiences. Part of performing music is playing the actual music, but there is so much more that goes into a show that will enhance the experience for your audience. It is important to remember that your live show should be that – an experience. How you present your music will be surrounded by context, the context of not just what is heard but what is seen. The experience begins before you step foot on stage and continues after you’ve performed your last piece. We have some ways for you to improve the experience of your live show for yourself and audience members. su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d2d2d2″ size=”1″ Stage Design …

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Rekordbox 5.1 Update Released – New Automix and Lyric Videos

Rekordbox 5.1 Update Released – New Automix and Lyric Videos Pioneer DJ announced the most recent version of their DJ software, Rekordbox, which can be used to organize your DJ files and sets as well as to spin the tunes. The latest version includes an upgraded algorithm to better suggest songs based on beatmatching/phrase-mixing AND it can also play automatically those songs from a playlist. This feature will be especially useful for those wedding DJs or DJs who all constantly on the hustle and don’t have as much time to dig through their collections, or if they want to let the app do its work while they take a break and enjoy appetizers. The suggestion algorithm also improved the search function by in turn letting you specify which type of songs you’ll be suggested based on artist or comment, etc. Also new is the Lyric Plus Pack which displays lyrics on screen, similar …

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