TC Electronic’s Incredible Mixing and Mastering Tool


A common theme in music production is “ultimately, use your ears”. You’ve probably read that in more than a few of our blog posts, on everything from mixing to recording to sound design. However, as technology keeps advancing at an exponential rate it would be foolish not to use the tools available to our advantage. We recently came across TC Electronic’s Clarity M, a desktop mix and master audio meter with serious precision. From everything we’ve seen so far this piece of hardware is a great complimentary decision maker to your ears, and could save you time in those long sessions when you’ve heard a mix so much you really have no idea exactly what you’re listening to anymore.


Out of the gate, the Clarity M comes with stereo and 5.1 audio metering for mixing, mastering, and post production in music or TV/film. A 7″ high-resolution display allows for precise visual readings. Seamlessly integrated with your DAW via USB connection, Clarity M can read from your master output or any individual output. Allowing you to analyze a mix as a whole and go more in-depth on just one track, or group of tracks. Since Clarity M is a standalone piece of hardware, it won’t take up any precious space on your computer screen either. It can also be linked with your DAW transport so control of both is seamless.


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The detail with which users are able to monitor and analyze frequencies is very impressive. Possibly the most impressive feature is the radar display, which shows momentary loudness and short-term loudness history. This allows you to visualize the dynamics of a mix in an intuitive way and has built-in presets adjustable to different mastering standards. The radar display can also be switched to a 1/3 Octave RTA high-accuracy real-time analyzer with individual-band zoom. With these displays, you can monitor frequency build ups outside the range of human hearing that could still create unwanted muddiness. Other features are a Correlation Meter that checks for phase issues, Loudness Range keeps your mixes and masters in range of industry standards, and a True-Peak meter that identifies clipping at the DAC and codec levels (even between samples).


Clarity M also has a custom breakout cable with 6 channels of unbalanced AES3 digital audio that connects to your external mixing desk, console, or audio interface for broadcast-grade 5.1 metering. This breakout cable also gives users the option to connect a two-button foot-switch for easy resetting of the meter as well as for triggering play and pause. One more option is a stereo optical input, that allows connection of an audio interface through TOSlink for maximum flexibility.


Check out ALL the Clarity M has to offer on their site HERE and check out this overview video below:

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