Teacher Spotlight | Danielle Thwaites | Certified Trainer

In this Teacher Spotlight, we give a proud shout-out to one of our instructors, Ableton Certified Trainer, Danielle Thwaites. Danielle is a Los Angeles based producer, songwriter, and performing artist. Danielle’s career so far has been a total powerhouse in the world of music production and education.

She has a dual major Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Production & Design and Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She can’t get enough knowledge, and she brings that passion for education here to Beat Lab.



Danielle has been teaching for years, and this year she passed the Ableton Live certification and officially became one of the few female Ableton Certified Trainers in all of the US! She is more than deserving of the title with her incredible teaching experience and understanding of Live.

Danielle is part of the emerging field for Ableton Live playback engineers (so is Mike Parvizi). She has performed and programmed live shows for various artists such as Madame Gandhi (also Beat Lab Alumni), Common, KYLE and Ezi.

She’s also programmed and performed live sets for music equipment manufacturers like Mellotron, Sensel, Strange Electronic, and iZotope.



Danielle’s love for teaching exists outside of Beat Lab as well, as she has been working with Beats By Girlz since 2016 and is now the communications director of the non-profit and one of its two Los Angeles chapter teachers.

She’s a champion for female representation in the music industry; this summer, she helped launch BBG.tv: an online platform and weekly Twitch broadcast showcasing womxn and gender-expansive creatives (primarily BIPOC) in the music industry.



On the studio and stage side of things, Danielle performs, writes and produces under the name Daiza, creating alternative electronic music. She says that one of the most exciting parts about being on stage is seeing the direct empowerment she is able to share with the audience, specifically women. That in turn inspires more women to create, compose, and produce music.



The Live Music Production podcast recently featured Danielle as a guest on the show, as well as Yeuda Ben-Atar! They love us there.

You can see Danielle in action during one of her classes here at Beat Lab! A new semester starts Saturday August 22, click below to book your class visit.



Three Tips

Tip #1:

Be ready to capture the idea as fast as you possibly can. Optimally set yourself up in your studio (with back up plans) to always have things going, no downtime. Whether that is with a template, having your ins and outs routed and connected, or just your controller by your side, prepare yourself for when inspiration strikes!

Tip #2:

Export frequently. After every change to the production, bounce out the track and listen in a new environment; your car, laptop speaker, friend’s stereo system. While critically listening, note what bothers you to fix in the next session. Now you’ve got a clear plan next time you open up the project.

Tip #3:

Zoom out. As the producer, only you know every part and track that makes up your song. Try not to get too caught up in the detail of a dB or two, and try to listen objectively with fresh ears!


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