Teacher Spotlight | Yeuda Ben-Atar | Head of Education

Hello again! We’re back for another Teacher Spotlight article focusing on one of our own instructors. Not only is he the best music production teacher in Los Angeles, but in the entire music business. It’s time for you to get to know Ableton’s best-kept secret: Yeuda Ben-Atar.

For those who know Yeuda, we swear by his curriculum, teaching style, and how he can turn anyone who’s truly passionate about music, and hard-working, into a SUPER producer. He’s the man who’s worked with countless artists such as Skrillex, Flying Lotus, and Ed Sheeran. Today we’ll point the spotlight towards one of the best Ableton Certified Trainers in the world, your next production mentor.

Yeuda Ben-Atar is the CEO, Founder, and Head of Education of Beat Lab Academy. He is a producer, performer, and music educator based in Los Angeles, California.

Yeuda studied music in Israel before making the move to the United States. Once settled in Los Angeles, Yeuda continued his music education and started out his musical career by playing the keys and guitar. It was in 2007 that he discovered Ableton Live and began his journey into mastery.

Yeuda saw how Ableton Live could be used for performance, and for custom controllers. His love for video games lead him to hack up his favorite old school video game controllers as a child and he turned them into musical instruments. Yeuda produces and performs under the moniker Side Brain, and brings it full circle by producing live beats on Video Game Controllers, watch below.



Two years after discovering Ableton Live Yeuda became one of the first of the few Ableton Certified Trainers in the city and has been teaching ever since. Yeuda is also Ableton’s go-to Certified Trainer for masterclasses, demonstrations, and collaborations.

Yeuda had years of experience as a private instructor, freelance educator at multiple institutions around LA (Dubspot, Musician’s Institue, SAE, USC) and consultant for professional musicians before founding Beat Lab.

As a consultant, Yeuda has worked with and still works with artists as recently as this year. He’s consulted on projects for DJ Numark and Jurassic 5, Beck, Skrillex, Flying Lotus, and many others. Below are videos of some of the projects he has worked on.




Yeuda wanted to share his passion for music, production, and the incredible tool that Ableton Live is. His passion inspired him to found Beat Lab Academy, to share his love for music, and to foster a homegrown community that shared in that journey.

Beat Lab has much more to offer than shared passion, Yeuda’s experience has solidified him as one of the TOP Ableton Certified Trainers in the world, and he brought that experience to the education at Beat Lab Academy. The video below is a few years old but it’s just a peek into the life of a Beat Lab student.



He created the Beat Lab Certification Program which will prepare students for producing music professionally and taking the Ableton Live Certification test. In addition, he created or has overseen the creation of all of the courses Beat Lab has to offer, the online certification program which allows students to study at their own pace with self-instruction, and a neverending library of free video tutorials.



Having emigrated from Israel, Yeuda brought with him a global sense of community. That sense of community is part of the lifeblood of Beat Lab Academy. Yeuda brings his kids into the school to hang out, play with the musical instruments, or play video games in the live room while Yeuda teaches classes.

Alumni constantly return for private instruction with Yeuda, or to sign up for other courses so they can continue to learn and be actively involved with Beat Lab.



Once you enroll in classes at Beat Lab you join a community that feels like family.

Yeuda frequently teaches free Workshops and paid Masterclasses at Beat Lab as well. If you’re interested in joining the community, enrolling classes, or simply checking out the Workshops then feel free to drop in! Our upcoming free workshop is a class demonstration for anyone interested in joining one of our upcoming courses.


We said it before and we’ll say it again. The sense of community at Beat Lab is what Yeuda is all about. Bringing in his global experience is built-in to the life at Beat Lab Academy.

We’ve had our fair share of international students move to LA just for the school but now, we’re focusing on bringing the classes to the rest of the world.

The upcoming Live Online International Certification Program is a silver lining in the tragic consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic because now people from all over the world can participate in Beat Lab’s incredible education and community.

Through Livestreamed virtual classrooms, the Live Online International Certification Program is available to students during reasonable hours in select timezones across the globe, but you can enroll and participate from anywhere if you’re a real nightowl.

Check out the program below or by clicking on the menu up top.


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