Temper – FREE Phase Distortion Plugin

Temper is a free distortion plugin released by Creative Intent that has a unique charm we wanted to share with you! This plugin was originally priced at $10 but then the developers decided to re-release it for, and share the source code. All those interested in programming can now take a look under the hood of the plugin and see how its algorithm makes it such a powerful tool. The interface is simple to use, there are three knobs for controlling the tone of the distortion itself (curve, drive, saturation), a cutoff and resonance knob for the filter, a feedback knob for increasing the overdrive signal, and a volume knob for increasing the output of the overall sound. The saturation curve can add warmth and bite to your sound, and the phase distortion can add real character and clarity to your sound.

Let’s get more into the specifics of shaping your tone. The Curve knob works like a waveshaper before the phase distortion takes place, increasing the value of it will add harmonic content to your sound. The Drive knob works like a traditional overdrive, that being the gain stage prior to the distortion. What is interesting about Temper is that this value can be set to -10 or +10, with zero having no effect at all. If you dial ina negative value you will invert the polarity of the signal yielding a subtly different modulation effect than a positive value. Finally, the Saturation knob acts as the dry/wet knob of the waveshaper. At zero the dry signal goes into the phase distortion and is modulated by the saturated signal. At 1, the wet signal enters the phase distortion and is modulated by itself. There is where you can get some really interesting timbres, then use the Feedback knob to increase the overdriven signal.

The plugin comes in download forms for VST/VST3/AU and can be downloaded here on the Creative Intent website. Check out this video here for a sonic idea


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